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Anonymous asked:
Ok so I am in a long distance relationship and lately he has been like super serious and it is kinda scaring me (like talking about marriage and our future together it's bee 6 mo.) it shouldnt scare me though because we're like perf for each other but ive been thinking about my past and how its like crazy and not tied down and i sent a shirtless pic to another boy and he sent a dick pic like should i feel like a terrible person? cause i love my bf but im just super sexually frustrated.

well talking about your future together is never a bad thing it means that he wants you and he knows that he wants you two to last. Yes it can be a little scary sometimes but you can tell him that and he should accept the fact that you want to take it a little slower. but the thing about your shirtless picture to some other guy well thats just a different story because that fucked up specially to your boyfriend, you should just not be with him if you’re going to do that to him, if you’re sexually frustrated you should of talked to you’re boyfriend…